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Welcome to the new world of hearing!

Introducing the new ReSound Key hearing aids

For LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE of high end devices, these aids provide:

  • Clear sound with less effort, helping you to focus on what is happening around you
  • A wide array of styles
  • Direct streaming from your iPhone or Android smart devices
  • The new 3D App allows you to control volume and background noise
  • Help in finding your hearing aids if you misplace them
  • Check the rechargeable battery power level

Get extra boost in challenging situations

Helpful wireless accessories give you an extra boost in challenging situations and extends the sound experience

  • Connect to your TV, PC and stereo, streaming the audio directly to your hearing aids
  • Hear speech directly in your ears without any background noise
  • Stream phone calls
  • Have the TV volume at your preferred level without disturbing others

Remote hearing care

All of this and with the added assurance that you can connect with your hearing care professional by remote hearing care options as well as in person

  • Get updates to your hearing aids sent straight to your smart device as a simple download
  • Have live video consultations for support, counseling and hearing aid adjustments

Call us at 916-797-9188 to schedule a free hearing test and demonstration of the new ReSound Key aids.

Your Hearing Aid Experts in Roseville, CA

At Community Hearing Aid Center, we help people hear better. We truly enjoy watching our customer's lives improve as we work to enhance their understanding of speech and the sounds around them through the use of sound design and amplification. Our services include hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid maintenance and more. We service the Placer County area, including Roseville, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Antelope, Granite Bay, Whitney, Penryn, Virginiatown and Lincoln.

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Hearing Aids in Roseville, CA

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Roseville on Sunrise Avenue, next to the Old Spaghetti Factory. Walk ins are welcome. Please come visit us today.

Full-Range of Hearing Services

We offer a full-range of hearing services. Whether you need hearing protection or are experiencing a hearing loss we can provide you with the services you need.

Free Hearing Exam

Hearing tests help determine what kind of hearing loss you have by measuring your ability to hear sounds. Find out more about your hearing health.

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The certified, Hearing Specialist at Community Hearing Aid Center is ready to give your hearing the attention it deserves.

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Online Hearing Test

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Hearing Services - Community Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Testing & Diagnostic Services

We provide a full range of hearing services for all your hearing needs, including custom earmolds and hearing protection.

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Patient Testimonials

Our history with Ed and Gail Vinson began 20 years ago, when Linda’s mother needed hearing aids. Their professional care and kind/tender treatment of her during those years made it an easy choice for both of us.

When we realized that we needed hearing aids for ourselves, it made it an easy choice for us to continue with them and one we have never regretted. We are so pleased to recommend the care and expert treatment provided by Ed Vinson and his equally efficient/caring office manager, Gail Vinson.

I am a previous patient of Ed and Gail Vinson. About 5 years ago, I was referred to them to get my first hearing aid and I had every emotion you could possibly imagine. However, they were warm, friendly and incredibly caring. They often go above and beyond. For example, one Halloween, I was in the Bay area and my hearing aid had a problem. It was a Saturday and a holiday weekend but Ed promptly called me back and did everything in his power to help me. I am so thankful to them both.

I have been a client of Ed (and Gail) Vinson for over 16 years, along with 4 other of my family members. Take it from me, you will never find a more personal, experienced flexible and patient hearing aid dispenser ever! It’s amazing how Ed always knows what we need and he treats you like family!

Needing and wearing hearing aids for years, I was so thankful when I found Ed Vinson. So much so, I have taken many new clients to him, knowing that they would be satisfied. I heartily recommend Ed Vinson.

When I realized that my hearing was changing and that I probably needed a hearing aid, it was difficult for me. Ed helped me realize that life would be easier for me and all those around me when wearing a hearing aid.

With years of experience, Ed is a very caring and knowledgeable person who takes the time to listen to your concerns and helps you become comfortable with your hearing aids. I am so glad that I found him!

“As a professional golf player I could tell that my diminished hearing was affecting my performance. I am glad that I got my hearing taken care of by Edward Vinson, he is a reliable professional which gave me the best options available and worked with me until I was satisfied.”

“It only took one hearing exam to realize I really needed some new hearing aids. The hearing professionals at Community Hearing Aid Center really took the time to take care of what I needed. I really appreciate their help.”

“I want to thank you for my new hearing aids they work really well. Love being able to hear my grandchildren.”

Innovative Hearing Products & Accessories

Our state-of-the-art hearing aids are bluetooth enabled incorporating the newest technology.

We offer the most competitive price available and offer trade in rewards to returning customers. All hearing aids come with a two to three year warranty, insurance and batteries. We're proud to offer a wide range of hearing aids in different hearing aid styles and different technological capabilities to fit your needs!

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