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ReSound Key - Community Hearing Aid Center

Welcome to the new world of hearing!

Introducing the new ReSound Key hearing aids

For LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE of high end devices, these aids provide:

  • Clear sound with less effort, helping you to focus on what is happening around you
  • A wide array of styles
  • Direct streaming from your iPhone or Android smart devices
  • The new 3D App allows you to control volume and background noise
  • Help in finding your hearing aids if you misplace them
  • Check the rechargeable battery power level

Get extra boost in challenging situations

Helpful wireless accessories give you an extra boost in challenging situations and extends the sound experience

  • Connect to your TV, PC and stereo, streaming the audio directly to your hearing aids
  • Hear speech directly in your ears without any background noise
  • Stream phone calls
  • Have the TV volume at your preferred level without disturbing others

Remote hearing care

All of this and with the added assurance that you can connect with your hearing care professional by remote hearing care options as well as in person

  • Get updates to your hearing aids sent straight to your smart device as a simple download
  • Have live video consultations for support, counseling and hearing aid adjustments

Call us at 916-797-9188 to schedule a free hearing test and demonstration of the new ReSound Key aids.