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We provide all our customers with follow-up care. In order to adjust to your new hearing aids it is very important to continue to visit your hearing care professional until you are completely satisfied and comfortable. Our hearing specialist have the medical expertise to provide the appropriate treatment for your hearing health. Your hearing is very important, if you have any questions about your hearing health contact our hearing specialist.

Hearing Loss

Do you have trouble hearing in noisy environments? Do you ask "what" or "can you repeat that" often? You may be experiencing hearing loss. Don’t suffer in silence. Discover today what we’ve accomplished for so many others in Roseville, CA who were experiencing hearing loss. Contact Us Today!

Hearing Exam

We will conduct a thorough hearing exam and will give you a full report of your results and options. Make an appointment today to come in for your free hearing exam. Click this link to fill out an appointment form.

Wireless Accessories

ReSound Control is an app that allows you to control your hearing aids with your phone. ReSound wireless accessories allow you to pair your hearing aids with the electronic devices you use daily. Follow this link to learn more about them.